All items are offered for sale, subject to being unsold.
If (through website or listing error) you manage to purchase an item that has already been sold and we can no longer supply it, you will be refunded the cost charged for that item.

The PDF catalogue of items for sale is updated quarterly (January, April, July and October); occasionally more often.

Please be aware that this site deals mainly with printed sheet music that has previously been owned by a fellow organist. With that in mind, upon arrival at the usedorganmusic.co.uk offices, new stock is quickly reviewed in order to identify any noticeable features. Each item for sale is also given one of the following codes; a rough classification relating to the condition:

P – Direct from the publisher.
1 – ‘Excellent’ – May have name of previous owner / slight marks on front cover / inside or pencil markings/staples beginning to rust. (where possible condition 1 items have been marked with any noticeable features in the PDF catalogue).
2 – ‘Good’ – Music may have a taped spine or a few minor blemishes, but the contents are generally good.
3 – ‘Poor’ – Generally ‘aged’ and ‘used’, but useable. Music may have damaged or torn covers and some blemishes, but the contents are readable. There may be some pen markings or it may have been neatly hole punched. Pages are complete, but may be separated/torn.

If you wish to know the exact condition of any pieces or require any further information about items offered for sale, please ask through our ‘contact us’ page before submitting an order.

The price of the music is based around the rarity of the item and the cost price (to us).

Flat rate postage and packaging costs (appropriate to the destination of the parcel) are automatically added to the basket after a delivery address is entered on the order form. Postage costs are calculated using the total weight of the order when package. The flat rate is based upon average customer purchase in the previous year. If there is a significant difference between the actual postage and packaging costs and the amount charged in your basket (usually due to the number of items ordered or the unusual weight of individual items), a further payment will be requested from you to cover these additional costs or a refund made where appropriate. The Post Office / Royal Mail are used to deliver all orders; a rough estimate of delivery costs can be found from the prices listed at www.royalmail.com.; Order are sent Second Class (U.K.) and Airmail (Overseas). A small amount is added to cover the cost of a hard-backed envelope and parcel tape. Please note that any customs charges are to be paid by the customer on receipt if these are applicable.

Please ask through our ‘contact us’ page or telephone 07902 176744. Please read this page carefully before contacting us as most questions are answered here. If the answer to your question is on this page, you will be referred back to this page upon enquiry.

Please let us know of any items that you have for sale (or donation). We will consider buying classical organ music together with books on the organ and Church music. Please provide a list of items that you are disposing of (Composer, Title of Piece, Publisher and Condition). We also purchase complete libraries. A fair price will be offered for your items, based on condition, rarity and the more importantly the saleability of the item in question. We may be interested in the item that you have so please send a list for us to peruse at ask@usedorganmusic.co.uk. We can only decide our level of interest after reviewing the details of the items being offered (whether that is through a list or physical inspection).

If you wish to know whether we have a particular item in stock that is not listed for sale on the website, please use the contact form giving details of the piece in question (Composer, Title of Piece or Album (if applicable), Publisher and Date of publication). These details will help us to help you in your search.

It is accepted that occasionally, for a variety of reasons, you may wish to cancel an order that you have made. If you are unsure about any items offered for sale, please ask before you place an order.

If you have changed your mind you may return it to us, unopened and in its original condition, within 30 days. We will refund the cost of the music to you. You will be responsible for the delivery charges incurred in sending the item to you and your costs returning it to us. Please obtain permission and instructions (including where to post) from us before doing anything through our contact us page.

If an incorrect item has been sent to you or the item is defective then you may return it to us in its original condition, within 30 days. We will make a full refund to you including the delivery charges incurred in sending the item to you and your costs in returning the item to us (through Royal Mail only). Please obtain permission and instructions (including where to post) from us before doing anything through our contact us page.

We have decided to start listing some items on EBay in addition to our own website. Any items which are listed on EBay will have a sentence to that effect on the individual item page. You can still purchase the individual item from our website in the normal way by pressing the yellow Paypal button where you can pay by Paypal or Credit/Debit card; it will then be removed from EBay automatically. If you wish to purchase multiple items from our website or pay by a different method please let us know and, as long as there is not a bidding war in progress, we can remove the item from EBay so that you may purchase it.

Please have a look at our latest PDF Catalogue of items for sale (PDF Catalogue page) and decide what you would like to purchase: it is worth noting that there are occasionally more items available for sale on the website than listed in the catalogue. You can then visit the Shop (Shop page) to add your chosen items to your basket; they can be found by either using the search bar or the product categories menu. Further details about items can be found on individual item pages. You then have the option to view your cart to make sure that you have everything or continue to the checkout where you will be able to enter your personal details and make the appropriate payment. At present, there are four methods of payment available; Cash, Cheque (U.K. Cheque only), Bank Transfer and Paypal (preferably overseas customers only). Please note the possibility of changes in postage costs (see Postage and Packaging, above). If you choose to pay by cash or cheque, you will need to contact us within 48 hours of placing your order (using the ‘contact us’ web page) to request the details of where to send your cash or cheque payment. Unfortunately, due to some previous difficulties in obtaining payment from a handful of customers, goods are only dispatched after settlement of invoices. If the payment for your order is not received within 48 hours of being placed (or in the case of cash and cheque payments, you do not contact us ), we may relist the items in your order and sell them to other customers.

Stock remains property of usedorganmusic.co.uk until payment is received.