Manual Orders

Do you have difficulty placing an order through our Ecommerce site?

If the answer is yes and you wish to pay by U.K. Bank transfer, then we can process the order through the system for you (we aim for within 48 Hours of receiving your order).

The Information requested below is split into three sections;
1) Postal, Billing and EMail Address
2) Agreement to conditions
3) Item details

To make the process simple;
Please send ONLY the information requested below to .
Please do not include other writing/text on the E-mail; relevant information ONLY.
Please note we cannot enter into correspondence about your order request.

** = Information required

** E-Mail Subject Line should read ‘Online Order Request’

Postal / Billing Address (We do not process orders with P.O. Box Addresses)
**Full name
**Street address
**Street address
**Town / City

**Email address

Agreements (obviously order which do not indicate that they agree to policies will not be processed)

** I agree to Privacy Policy (Yes/No)

**I agree to Terms and Conditions (Yes/No)

** I agree to an administration fee of £1.50 for this service (Yes/No).

** I am happy for you to process my order if some of the items have already been sold. (Yes/No).

Item Information (individually for each piece) –
Please do not use abbreviations as orders will not be processed as we do not wish to guess which piece you ordered.
(obtained from individual item page on website where you can also see if there is a copy in stock)

** Composer Full Name
** Full Title of Piece
** Publisher
** SKU
** Category

Once processed all relevant information will be Emailed to you (please check your ‘Junk’ Emails).

Please note If payment is not made within 24 hours your order will be cancelled and if orders do not make sense or cannot be followed they will not be processed.